Donate Your Car, SUV or Van

Is your family vehicle ready for a new mission? Donate your working van or car to Families to Freedom!

Donate Your Vehicle to Us

Help us put some serious miles between victims and life threatening abuse at home. Donate your functional vehicle . Families to Freedom likely use your donated vehicle to drive victims and their children to shelter and to family across the US. Donated vehicles must be in good working condition and able to be driven away for us to make use of your donation. Non-functional vehicles, or those requiring extensive repair to be reliable, will not be accepted. Unlike some charities, we will use the vehicle for operations which means the fair market value is the tax deduction rather than a sale price.

Donate a car to save lives.

Donate a van to save families.

Tax Benefit

The deduction you may take on your tax return will be based on the fair market value of the vehicle you donate. You can view Kelley Blue Book or the NADA Guides to determine what the fair market value on your vehicle might be. Keep in mind that these book values are generalizations. There may be limitations on deductions that your tax specialist or CPA can assist you with regarding your vehicle donation.

Families to Freedom will take care of vehicle retrieval, title transfer costs, and cleaning. If your car had a lien on it, be sure you have the lien release handy to provide along with any other paperwork at the time of donation.

IRS Publications About Vehicle Donations

Families to Freedom is able to pick up your donated van, SUV, truck or car. We will also gladly accept donated trailer beds, covered trailers, camper trailers, a box truck, and 12-15 passenger vans.


At the time of receiving your donated vehicle, we will bring the following to be signed.

  • 14-317 - Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Gift Transfer (must be notarized). We'll recommend to meet somewhere with a notary.
  • VTR-346 - Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification
  • 130-U - Application for Texas Title and/or Registration

Contact us with questions or to schedule a donation pick up: 833-903-SAFE or email


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